The Whole Animal Imaging Facility is located at the National Facility for Gene Function in Health and Disease in the IISER Pune campus. It is a state of the art facility equipped with the IVIS Spectrum bioimaging system. The Whole Animal Imaging Facility aims to provide services associated with pre-clinical, non invasive, in vivo imaging of small experimental animals using bioluminescence and Fluorescence with high resolution and specificity. In vivo imaging will provide a better functional perspective for in depth understanding of disease progression, pharmacological assays, tumorigeneicity and physiological animal studies over a larger time span. The whole animal imaging facility is well equipped for housing and maintenance of the experimental animals. These facilities will also be made available for users from other research or academic institutes and industries and can be availed on a chargeable basis. We also aim to conduct workshops and sessions to provide training for the usage of these instruments and support for data analysis and interpretation.

Salient Features

• In Vivo Imaging System (IVIS spectrum)
• Living Image Analysis software
• 3D tomographic reconstruction
• Automatic injection delivery system
• Rodent Anaesthesia System (RAS4)
• State of the art facility for housing and maintenance of experimental animals


• IVIS will be available for fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging of small experimental animals. • Assistance in imaging and in data analysis and interpretation by technical specialists • Facility will also be available for users from outside on a chargeable basis. Charges will be updated soon


• The facility aims to provide hand on training for the use of animal imaging devices and data analysis on regular basis. Training schedule will be updated soon.