Under the Pune BioCluster initiative, the electron microscopy facility will house a transmission electron microscope (TEM) with direct-detection cameras for single-particle electron cryo-microscopy and cryo-tomography. It will also have a 120 keV TEM for studying biomolecules, cell and tissue samples. The facility will have accessory equipments required for sample preparation

Salient Features

This facility will provide access to high end electron microscopes to a large number of users and cater the needs of the academic and industrial research communities in and around Pune. Our trained facility personnel will be available for sample/grid preparation and data collection.


This facility will provide following services to external users on chargeable basis

1. Trained facility personnel assisted full access to the electron microscopes.
2. Assistance for data collection.
3. Consultation regarding experiment design and sample preparation.


• Training schedule will be updated soon.