Bio-Imaging Facility at NCCS, under the Pune-BioCluster initiative, aims to establish a platform with the state-of-the-art imaging capabilities. The centre will procure multiple microscopes with diverse capabilities to cater to the needs of scientists from academic and private research laboratories in and around Pune. In addition the available confocal system, the facility is procuring different microscopes for fast, live, super-resolution and in-depth imaging of biological samples. Once the microscopes are installed, these are available for users on a chargeable basis. It also envisages the importance of developing highly-skilled manpower by conducting regular national level and local workshops to train researchers with advanced microscopic techniques including advanced light microscopy, confocal microscopy, digital image processing of microscope images, and related laboratory practices.
The facility currently has three scanning confocal laser microscopes, Zeiss LSM 510 Meta, Olympus FV10i and Leica TCS SP5. These are available for outside users on a chargeable basis.

Salient Features

• Will provide a state-of-the-art facility for catering to the needs of researchers with diverse imaging capabilities
• Will conduct regular national level and local training programmes to develop skilled manpower in Bio-imaging

NCCS Bio-Imaging Facility Instruments:

Instruments To be procured:
Confocal - High Resolution & Sensitivity Spectral Workstation (with Lasers of 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594 and 633 nm. Scan speed is 10 fps at 512x512 resolution. Lateral resolution: 120 nm and axial resolution: 350 nm)
Structured illumination and single molecule localization based super-resolution platform (XY resolution: 100 nm & Z resolution: 300 nm)
Stimulated emission depletion (STED) bases super-resolution system (XY resolution: 30 nm)
Multiphoton fluorescence microscope for in-depth imaging (IR LASER tunable from 680-1080 nm, Power: 3W @ 800 nm, Pulse width : 140 fs and Repetition Rate : 80 MHz)
Spinning disk microscope for fast imaging (Double disk with 50 µm & SoRa Disk - motorized spinning disk with scan speed of >4000 rpm)

Instruments Available at the Facility:
Regular confocal microscopes such as Zeiss LSM 510 Meta, OlympusFV10i and Leica TCS SP5 are available at the facility.
All the systems are inverted microscopes and have a wide range of lasers and can be used for doing FRET, FRAP, 3D imaging and reconstruction and live cell imaging. These instruments accessible for outside users on a chargeable basis. 

User Charges:
Charges based on number of slots used where one hour is considered as one slot.
Non-NCCS Users from other educational institutions: Rs.2000/- per slot + GST.
Download Sample Request Form (link)


NCCS Bio-Imaging Facility offers the following services:

• Expert consultation through the Facility In-Charge and our technical specialists.
• Accessibility of advanced microscopes with complementary functions.
• Microscopes will be made available for use by outside users is available through dedicated technicians / operators.
• All services are provided on a chargeable basis.
• Assistance with data analysis can be customized to the needs of individual investigators and research projects.
• Aid in image processing and enhancement using Photoshop, ImageJ, Fiji, Matlab and Cell Profiler, IrfanView.
• Assistance in image and data analysis related to morphometrics, particle counting, particle tracking, numeric analysis, statistical analysis, etc.,

Training and Workshop:

NCCS Bio-Imaging Facility offers the following trainings on regular basis:

• Hands-on training on Light Microscopy Techniques.
• Training /Workshop on Confocal microscopes, Image and data analysis.
• Training on different Image processing and analysis software’s like Photoshop, ImageJ, Fiji, Matlab, Cell Profiler and IrfanView.
• Training on image and data analysis related to morphometrics, particle counting, particle tracking, numeric analysis, statistical analysis etc.,



Bio-Imaging Facility,
National Centre for Cell Science,
NCCS Complex, P.B. No. 40, Ganeshkhind Post,
S. P. Pune University Campus,
PUNE – 411 007, Maharashtra State, India.

Physical Location:
Ground floor of New Building at NCCS.

Fax: +91-20-2569 2259