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Medical Testing Services



MedLab Laboratory offers allergy testing for common allergic reaction triggers and for occupational allergens, including chemicals, insects and drugs.

Diabetes Testing


MedLab Laboratory provide a variety of diabetes risk panels to meet the needs of your particular patients and your practice.

Pathology Testing


MedLab Laboratory offers a full spectrum of tissue pathology and histology services, including but not limited to, examination of gynecologic specimens, gastroenterology, dermatology & other.

Oncology Testing


MedLab Laboratory offers genetic cancer testing to help you diagnose or rule out specific genetic or chromosomal conditions.

Urology Testing


MedLab Laboratory offers a wide range of procedures, from ordinary PSA tests to complex methods of kidney stones detection and biopsy.

Cardiovascular Testing


MedLab Laboratory provide list of cardiovascular diagnostic, general cholesterol and lipid tests, and complex profiles which help to evaluate risks of thrombosis, stroke or diabetes.

Receive Your Test Resale in 3 Easy Steps


To schedule an appointment and fill out a laboratory test requisition form.


Discuss the necessary directions with your physician before any medical diagnostic test.


Your test results will arrived on your e-mail or fax within 1-2 days.

Who We Are

MedLab is a medical testing laboratory service that offers a complete range of tests for diagnosis, screening or evaluation of diseases and health conditions.


We are certified under the federal government’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and operate in compliance with all governmental regulations. We use the latest diagnostic technology and innovations. Our laboratory technicians are well trained and have many years of experience. They  provide the most accurate and precise testing results.

Why Choose Us


MedLab Laboratory was founded in 2001 by a team of certified professional with great technical and business experience.


Our team of pathologists, bioanalysts, microbiologists and general clinical laboratory scientists are always ready to help you with your laboratory testing needs.


We provide the highest quality of testing along with a personal level of service unparalleled in the industry.

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Women and Cancer

Five eminent speakers will share the most recent advancements in diagnostic approach to breast cancer.

Date: 2018/06/18

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