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Allergy Testing


Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions affecting people around the world. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort like sneezing and itchy eyes, to severe reactions such as anaphylaxis. Allergies often heat up in the summer, when allergens such as grass, mold and ragweed pollen bring on symptoms like watery eyes and sneezing. Outdoor picnics and activities can pose more serious dangers for people who are allergic to certain foods or stinging insects. Unfortunately many people become accustomed to their symptoms and suffer needlessly.


To help our patients find out if they are allergic to a particular substance, MadLab Laboratory  tests for more than 50 different allergens – such as food, animal dander, pollens, mould, trees, weeds, grasses and insect venom. We provide a traditional skin prick test performed by an Allergist, and a blood test, where a small amount of blood is drawn and the level of allergen-specific antibodies is measured.

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