Under the Pune BioCluster initiative, the microscopy facility at IISER Pune will be offering a broad spectrum of imaging solutions starting from nanoscale, fast dynamics of cellular processes to deep tissue imaging along with programmes for user training and image data analysis. Under the BioCluster initiative, state-of-the art imaging modalities such as spinning disk confocal imaging, line scanning confocal microscopes and super-resolution systems will be made available to users. Dedicated workstations equipped with high end imaging packages are already available for post image processing and analysis.

Salient Features

This comprehensive, multi-scale facility will provide access to these high end imaging platforms to a large number users and cater the needs of the academic and industrial research communities in and around Pune. Our trained facility personnel will be are available for training, trouble shooting and assistance during image acquisition, image analysis etc.


This facility will provide following services to external users on chargeable basis

1. Trained facility personnel assisted full access to several light microscopes ranging from confocal microscopes to super resolution systems.
2. Assistance for imaging and data analysis.
3. Consultation regarding experiment design and sample preparation.


1. We conduct monthly training program for the new in-house users to enable them to aptly handle the sophisticated imaging systems.
2. Microscopy facility will conduct training programs in imaging and data processing for external users.
3. Facility has organized following workshops in recent past.
• Super resolution imaging Workshop, 25-27th October, 2016.
• FCS training Workshop, 2-3rd January, 2017.
• InSDB Microscopy and Image Analysis Workshop, 21-24th June, 2017.
• Building Bharat Boston Biosciences (B4) Young Scientist Program: Workshop on Bioimaging: Advanced Light Microscopy 1-14th August, 2019.