About Virus, Testing, Preventive Measures, Myths Vs Facts.

What is

Coronavirus Induced Disease (COVID-19) is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus

Testing for

Two kinds of tests are available for COVID-19. Viral Test and Antibody Test....

Protective Measures
and Guidelines

Steps to Protect from Virus

Handwash Steps
and Process

Practice frequent hand washing with soap and water

Home Safety

How to protect from Virus in Home


Social Distancing v/s Self Isolation v/s Quarantine
Pune Bio cluster Inauguration by

Dr. Renu Swarup

on 23rdAug 2019


Bio-Imaging Facility aims to establish a platform with the state-of-the-art imaging capabilities.

BSL-3 Facility

The BSL-3/ ABSL-3 facility is a high containment facility for studying risk group 3 organisms.

Proteomics Facility

Proteomics Facility aims to provide proteomics and mass spectrometry services including protein identification and more.

Whole Animal Imaging Facility

Bioluminescence and Fluorescence with high resolution and specificity.

Electron Microscopy Facility

Houses high end Cryo-electron microscope for detailed study of biomolecules.

Flow Cytometry Facility

The advanced Flow Cytometry facility provides a wide variety of cell sorting applications.

Microscopy Facility

The Microscopy Facility at IISER Pune will be offering a broad spectrum of imaging solutions